Kaede Azusagawa

Kaede Azuzugawa anime

Kaede Azuzugawa LN 1

Kanji 梓川 かえで
Rōmaji Azusagawa Kaede
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 5'3" (162 cm)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Birthdate November 5
  • Student
Year 3rd year in middle school[1][2]
Relationships Sakuta Azusagawa (Older brother)
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Seiyuu Yurika Kubo

Kaede Azusagawa (梓川 かえで, Azusagawa Kaede) is one of the main characters of Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai series, who is the younger sister of Sakuta Azusagawa. Due to the violent effects she received from Adolescence Syndrome, she currently lives with Sakuta but does not attend school.

Appearance Edit

Kaede has long brown hair and eyes much like her brother and is always shown wearing a panda hoodie. The latter is primarily due to her insecurity and paranoia as a result of her Adolescence Syndrome.

Personality Edit

Kaede was originally a social butterfly, a contrast to her socially outcast brother. From her history, she was often famous in her old classes and gained a lot of social attention. Aside from that, she had a kind personality towards others.

However, after suffering the effects from Adolescence Syndrome, she has shut herself away from the internet and the outside world in general and has developed a phobia of strangers, as shown when first meeting Mai Sakurajima. She tends to refer to herself in the third person.


Sometime during her time in middle school, Kaede was the victim of online bullying and death threats. As a result of Adolescence Syndrome, this caused her to suffer various physical injuries and she was only able to recover after she stopped using social media and going to school. This drove her parents to abandon her with Sakuta. At some point afterward, a girl named Shoko Makinohara helped her and her brother get through the hardships of her condition. Since then, she had developed a phobia of strangers and has spent most of her time at home.


On May 7, Kaede woke up in Sakuta's bed, but once her brother woke up, she was pushed away and was told to outgrow from crawling in it. Kaede suggested that he was aroused when he woke up, much to Sakuta's annoyance. Later that night, Kaede opened the door to her brother's room and found him shirtless in front of a girl she subsequently assumed to be a prostitute or scammer. After her misunderstanding was cleared up, the girl introduced herself as Mai Sakurajima, prompting Kaede to introduce herself in return. Kaede ran off immediately after, as her shyness got the best of her.

On the night of June 28, Kaede tried on a dress gifted to her by Mai and showed it to the latter and her brother. After being remarked as cute, Kaede asked Mai if she could call her "Mai-san" and happily accepted Mai's subsequent offer to call her "Kaede-chan".

Kaede's List

Kaede presents her list of goals

Inspired by Mai during her press conference, Kaede drafted a list of goals for the year. She presented the list to Sakuta on October 16, which included doing multiple activities with her brother but notably included going back to school. Both of them noted that the goals were a bit much to start with, so Sakuta suggested she make goals to help her go outside. After dinner, Kaede managed to successfully answer a phone call with the help of Mai, but collapsed due to a fever and later received a spot on her neck while in bed.

On October 17, she announced to her brother that she would finally attempt to go outside, by latching on to his back and letting him escort her way there. On October 23, she latched on to Sakuta's back as they slowly made their way to their apartment balcony. Once she made it out, with tears of joy, Kaede wailed with all her might. Kaede was able to go to the elevator the next day and made it out of the entrance the day after; she even managed to eat at Mai's house and head to the park. However, when she was spending time at the beach with her brother, Mai and Nodoka, she was approached by her childhood friend Kotomi; upon meeting her, Kaede apologized and said she didn't know her.

Adolescence SyndromeEdit

Main article: Adolescence Syndrome

Kaede was inflicted with multiple cuts and bruises after being harassed online by her classmates, which forced Sakuta to isolate Kaede from the internet as a whole. Much later, it was discovered that she had lost her memories of her childhood friend Kotomi Kano.


Sakuta AzusagawaEdit

Mai SakurajimaEdit

Being the first person she's interacted with outside of Sakuta since her Adolescence Syndrome incident, Kaede first appears to Mai as a nervous wreck who cannot even introduce herself. After some time, however, and after Mai gives her some clothes, Kaede opens up a little to Mai to the point where she is able to act normally in her presence.

Rio FutabaEdit

When Sakuta brought Rio back to their apartment due to the duplicate Rio Futaba, Kaede was nervous in introducing herself, but fared better than when she had first met Mai. She later warmed up to her as Rio helped her and Shoko Makinohara with studying, as well as made her food. Kaede later starts calling her by her first name.